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Our facilities. PPB


Portable Powder Blending  factory in Sri. City Special Economic Zone (SEZ)

Premium Ingredients Food Services India features the modular and portable facory “Portable Powder Blending” (PPB), an integrated solution for blending and packaging that meets the highest quality and food safety standards. This factory is located in a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in the north of Chennai:

Our facilities include:

  • Production room.
  • Warehouse.
  • Laboratory.
  • Support area.

The factory produces high quality food powder blends with the highest food safety standards, using partly local Indian raw materials, operated by local people and delivering food powder blends optimizing custom tariffs, supply chain, logistics and operational costs.

The PPB is supported by the full-service platform of Blendhub Corp. offering transparency and food safety in all operations with the objective to produce high quality food powder blends at the best price.

The company’s full-service platform includes, among others, formulation and application, mapping of raw materials, QA/QC online in the cloud of each ingredient and blended product, NIR library creation, supply chain management, online IT process control of PPB plant, preventive maintenance, adapted reporting and the connection to customer ERP and and even a turn-key food powder blends project offer which can be fully executed and financed by Blendhub Corp.


Portable Powder Blending factory in the Sri. City Domestic Tariff Area (DTA)

The second Portable Powder Blending factory of Premium Ingredients India will be operating by 2017

This factory is specially for foreign companies which want to enter into a market with over 1.3 billion consumers, optimizing tax and operational costs, always with maximum  quality and food safety.

It will be located at the Sri City Domestic Tariff Area (DTA), north of Chennai, blending products for the Indian Domestic Market keeping with the Government’s thrust on “Made in India” and it will be also  supported by the Blendhub Corp. full-service platform.