Stabilizers for


Premium Ingredient provides a wide range of stabilizers and emulsifiers systems for different types of ice cream like low, medium and full fat ice cream.


Premitex® XLH-16016

  • Stabilizers and emulsifiers blend for medium/ full fat ice cream (from 6 to 10%).
  • Good overrun.
  • Excellent melting properties.
  • Uniform air cell distribution.
  • Rich creaminess.
  • Good mouthfeel.
  • Heat shock stability.Good scoopability .
  • No wheying off.

Premitex® XLH-15019

  •  Stabilizers and emulsifiers blend for low fat ice cream (from 2.5 to 6%).
  • Excellent richness and creaminess.
  • High overrun.
  • Good melting properties.
  • Excellent texture at very low fat %.
  • Good for calory concious person.
  • Low intake of fat/oil.