Stabilizers for


Premium Ingredientes India  provides a wide range of stabilizers / texturizers,  based on hydrocolloids and modified starch, for cheese slices (IWS-Individually Wrapped Slices and SOS -Slices on Slices). This range of products has been designed to meet our customer needs and different manufacture processes, taking always into account the optimization of cost, texture and the specific properties of each product.


Stabilizers for IWS

  • Mainly based on modified starch and hydrocolloids.
  • Cost reduction, thanks to dry matter and protein content reduction.
  • Excellent hot and cold properties for processing.
  • Optimal separation of the plastic foil and manipulation of slices.
  • Excellent performance in sandwich application.

Stabilizers for SOS 

  • Mainly based on modified starch and hydrocolloids.
  • Cost reduction: highly profitable solution due to dry matter and protein content reduction.
  • Optimal hot viscosity.
  • Improved elasticity, firmness and separation of the slices.
  • Excellent quality of the final product.
  • No losses due to breakage.