Stabilizers for


Premium Ingredients  provides stabilizers (hydrocolloids and milk proteins) for cheese spreads (Philadelphia type), allowing cost optimization and optimal texture of the final product.


  • Premilac® XLK-11021 is a mix of milk proteins, it is used in combination with Premigum® XLK-11022 or Premigum® XLK-15018 (hydrocolloids blend) to provide the typical texture and spreadability of a cream cheese.
  • The combination of these stabilizers is the best solution for cheese spreads (Philadelphia type) produced by fermentation, with no whey separation.
  • They can also be used in low cost recipes based in vegetable fat, produced by direct acidification.
  • Huge versatility and the perfect solution for no dairy cheese spreads production.
  • Provide an optimal texture, easy to spread.
  • The final product texture can be adjusted according to customer requirements: softer or firmer.